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5-10-20 Station Fired Ceramic Frag Stations - In Stock

"It's What's Inside The Housings That Make The Difference In Ultra Pure Water"

About Us

The Filter Guys are saltwater hobbyists with a combined total of more than fourteen years in saltwater pursuits. We started the business to assist fellow hobbyists in obtaining the highest quality filters and products to help create ultra pure water. This is a highly overlooked concern, and of the utmost importance in successful reefkeeping. We believe that our filters will improve your water quality by providing you with the highest quality filtration products. After all, we believe itís what is inside the housing that counts!

We make a complete line of RO/DI systems for all level of hobbyists and build all systems to order. We use 75 GPD Filmtec membranes and Matrikx NSF rated carbon block filters to obtain the highest purity water. We believe budget systems are just that and can be improved upon with high quality filters and membranes. Because we are hobbyists we can respond to your needs and problems with a greater understand of what you are trying to achieve. We are open seven days a week and can ship most items six days a week via priority mail. If you have a technical problem with your current equipment in most cases we can resolve your issues. No problem is too small for us to address. We personally run all types of aquarium systems from heavy planted CO2 injected freshwater, to soft coral nano's, to full blown SPS tanks and everything in between.

Filmtec RO membranes are precision fabricated and thoroughly tested to ensure that they provide predictable, trouble-free operation and consistent high performance. They are made to produce the stated GPD at optimum conditions, a water temp of 77 degrees and minimum PSI of 50 pounds pressure. The colder the tap water the lower the water production you can expect. The 75 GPD membrane is a High Rejection (98%) membrane that is standard in all of our systems and produces the highest purity water. Matrikx filters provide you with a standard micron rating and total gallons of chlorine water filtering to take the guess work out of filter changes. We also us premium nuclear grade mixed bed color changing DI resin that changes color as it exhausts. The total package provides you with the assurance of high quality water to enhance your saltwater experience.


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